The „Liebfrauenbote“ (Messenger“) of Altötting


God moves people


Many people go on their pilgrimage travel to Altötting together – The Liebfrauenbote reports from the place of pilgrimage and about numerous topics of the church community

Why is the number of pilgrims increasing? There are many reasons: to simply get away, forget everyday life, searching for adventure, testing new boundaries, getting to know people, experience community, discover new things about oneself, searching for help or thinking for help already received, etc. Quite often there are several reasons that motivate people to go on a pilgrimage, But this trip is not a trip without a goal. Everybody may have very personal motivations and goals, but one thing they all have in common: They are looking for a mutual way in faith and many have chosen Altötting as the goal for this travel.

The Liebfrauenbote: Witness for lived faith
Many people have the hope for intercession by Saint Mary or the Brother Konrad. Hope, trust and faith live in Altötting, the place of mercy. The Liebfrauenbote of Altötting has been retelling the stories of the many pilgrimages since 1895 and thus gives an overview of the high numbers of people and communities that set out on the journey; it tells about people that come together on a mutual journey to a place of pilgrimage. It tells of people that pray together. Whether they are asking for help or thinking for help – the reports are witness of lived faith.
A pilgrimage can mean different things to people. Travels to other places open new perspectives, new views on everyday life, the own life. People let go of all their daily worries and search for the  community with other; they do this in order to get to know themselves better and to find out how to master future days at home in a better way. Quite often it is specifically he exchange with other people and the view from the outside that bring new ideas for everyday life at home. The Liebfrauenbote – Sunday paper for the catholic people, wants to help its readers. The paper tries to convey not the pilgrimage alone, but especially life in faith and in the church community in general.

The Liebfrauenbote: Sunday paper for the catholic people
It is surely not a simple task that the Liebfrauenbote took on. In our medial world we are flooded with so much information every day. Still, the Sunday paper tries to make a selection of topics that can give orientation. A „sermon of the week“ gives spiritual stability and gives impulses for everyday life. In pictorial reports the Liebfrauenbote covers a wide range of topics from history, society and culture; the articles talk about regional, national and also international happenings. Portraits about people of the past or from our times round off the paper. Whether news from the church or comments about politics – important events from the life in church and society are summarized in the weekly paper. One page gives practical tips for everyday life. And if you simply want to relax and lean back: puzzles, stories and a novel provide joy and entertainment. A page specifically for children is included.

The Liebfrauenbote: A joining link for a family
The Liebfrauenbote attempts to recount the many aspects of a pilgrimage. Over the years, the readers have come to cherish it and have stayed true to it. For many, it is a joining link for pilgrim’s community to Altötting. The Liebfrauenbote is therefore also a „community of messengers“, also called „messenger family“. A Holy Mass is celebrated once a month in the chapel of mercy for all living and passed members of this community.
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