Brother Konrad

„Let us break through the wall of the visible in everyday life, to keep our eyes on the Lord everywhere.“ –
(Pope Johannes Paul II., 18. Nov. 1980)

„Konrad – great in small things“ – is the title of the exhibit in the parish church that remembers the canonization of Cr. Konrad 75 years ago. The word of guidance also focuses on the Capuchin brother and depicts him as a hero in routine things. His strength was to perform the small things of everyday life with diligence, always turning his face towards God.
In his first resolution at the beginning of his life in the Order he wrote:
„I want to make it a habit to be in God’s presence at all times!“
Canonization on May 20th, 1934
On Whitsunday 75 years ago, the gatekeeper was canonized by Pope Pius XI. in the Capuchin monastery St. Anna close to Altötting. The Cardinal Sectary of the Vatican Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII., told the German pilgrims to Rome back then:
„Bavaria is blesses, Germany in blessed, because in the times of the dark, and clouds, a new model of godly, Christian life is rising in the great war against the forces of darkness  that hunt the souls of the infinite that Christ saved with his blood. In a time where loud and obtrusive prophets try to show the people the false mirage of a future that shall search and find its joy and greatness not in Christ but far away from him and against him...
Christ is and remains the last word of the merciful God to the people. Denying him is an error. Not bowing to him is rebellion. Despising him is preparing for death. He who tries to delete the name of Christ and the cross, his teaching and faith from the hearts of the people is not guidance for a better future but a gravedigger.“
„The Capuchin brother Konrad had become a signal in the fight against the spiritual world of National socialism.“ (P. Calixt Hötschl)
Pope Benedikt XVI. about the Holy Brother Konrad
„A story of a monk of the mountain Athos in Greece recounts that he had sunken into deep thought in front of his house. Somebody surprised him and asked him: what are you thinking about? And he answered: I am not thinking about anything, I am only holding my soul into the love of God. A modern biographer of the Holy Brother Konrad said that this story describes the whole being of Brother Konrad. This is how he was, how his life was: he simply held himself into the Love of God, and so he came to see and be good.“ (14.03.1999)
„All people (that came to his gate) received a message through his grace and humanity without many words. Let us ask Brother Konrad that he may help us to keep our face turned to the Lord, and that he may help us to bring God’s love to the people.“ (11.09.2006)
For mediation
Life is easier if you have a goal. Where is my life leading? Do I know my goal or have I lost orientation?
The following is true „That what you deem important forms you, and that what you focus on characterizes you!“
„As his humility and modesty opposed the German regime in 1934, Brother Konrad could very well be a countersymbol for us today
against the Zeitgeist of hectic and stress,
against the Zeitgeist of consumption and life pleasure,
against the Zeitgeist of hostility to children and against the Zeitgeist of a life without God that is increasingly becoming more and more common.“
(Karl Grüner)
Exemplary model
His way can become my way:
A way of lowness – instead of power. 
A way of needlessness instead of thinking in demands.
A way of trusting God instead of self-reliance. 
A way to joy: Konrad was joyful as only a person can be that has found his way to the goal: to be taken in and accepted by God.
Visit the exhibit at the parish church: „Konrad – great in small things“, open daily April to October 2009, December to Jan 6th, 2010, 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
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