Contemplations to the pilgrimage motto 2011

Fundamental trust

I discovered and wrote a sentence very early on in my life: „Only one thing is important: Whether we are courageous or cowardly to always be there where God wants us to be, and to put your trust in him with all other things.“
„Trust will always remain one of the largest, rarest and most pleasing gifts of human coexistence.“ (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
Joseph Ratzinger writes in „The hope of the mustard seed“: „He who can call the Lord „Father“ truly has reason to trust. The future is his. Why should it not be possible to live the contagious power of this trust also in our times?“
A daily sermon could lead us through a pilgrimage week:

Sunday: Trust in Jesus
„ Mary does not ask for miracles, she teaches faith and trust that Jesus is truly there, sees us and hears us.“ (Pope Benedict XVI.) „ In the name of the love I have for you, I do not hesitate to ask of you: <Open the gates wide for Christ!> What are you afraid of? Trust him! Dare to follow him.“ (John Paul II.).
Jesus Christ, give us an open heart that is able to give and receive trust.

Monday: Trust in the church
„ With confidence and trust I believe in the indestructible future of the old and new, the one catholic and apostolic church“. (Ida Goerres)
Jesus calls to us in his church: Have trust! God will not simply make everything right. We may not lay our hands to rest and close our eyes to reality. The church wants to gain back trust and advertise a trusting climate. God is watching over us and we can live at ease. We receive the gift of serenity if we are able to trust God from the bottom of our heart – in his church. Trust is the beginning of everything.

Tuesday: Trust in the people
„ Without fundamental trust, nothing grows and prospers!“ The trust-provoking environment of life comforts and heals. „ What would we be without the trust of one to the other, the willingness to see and accept each other?“ (Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.)
Mutual trust carries the relationship of unity and versatility. Fundamental trust supports. It supports life. It radiates. I can make the necessary decisions in my life with the strength of fundamental trust.

Wednesday: Trust in the Holy Spirit
„ The fruit of the spirit … is love, joy, peace, patience, friendliness, grace, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control“ (Gal 5,22) and gives fundamental trust.
„ Peace is a gift from God that he entrusted to us.“ (John Paul II.) „Merciful God, where you are present people can trust each other. Close to you they can come to rest and find themselves.“ The Holy Spirit enables the formation and increase of trust.

Thursday: Trust and plea in God
„ The Christian trusts Him – God, creator and keeper of life – in joyous and in sad times. … he trusts that God will make everything good for those who love him …There are also special places of prayer that the believers travel to in pilgrimage.“  (Gotteslob No. 288) „ Stay the comfort in fear and horror and the reliance in waver, the trust in despair, the forgiveness in hate. You change no into yes and small into large without limits.“

Friday: Trust in the hands of the merciful father
„ I lay my spirit into your hands in complete trust“. (Gotteslob Nr. 699/Hour liturgy)
„ My God, I trust you; with you I am secure!“
„ Father Jesus Christ, around the ninth hour you promised your kingdom to the remorseful thief on the stake of the cross. We admit to you that we are sinners and ask you in complete trust: let us be with you in paradise after death as well.“ (Friday/Non)
„ I trust that you – Father Jesus – put in a good word for me.“ (Lk 13,6-9)
„ Father, let me have trust that you accompany my path with love, and the joy that every moment holds the possibility of going home to you.“
The certainty of the caring love of God allows us to trust in his fatherly foresight also in difficult times in our life. This complete trust in God as the caring father, also in different circumstances and situations is brought to the point by Teresia: Nothing shall confuse you. Nothing should make you fear. Everything will pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything. If you have God, you do not lack a thing. God is enough.“

Saturday: Trust in Mary
„Pope John XXIII. entrusted the start of the Second Vatican Council 1962 to the motherly hands and the motherly heart of Mary. Pope Benedict XVI. also entrusted the synod of the near East in 2010 with all the problems, challenges and hopes to the motherly heart of Mary.
Mary, who said yes to God’s call, and brought God’s son into this world, who stood underneath the cross, is the contact person for many on their way to God, and they trust her greatly. Trust opens the wide catchment area of the pilgrims and allows the creation of pulsating, faithful life.
Together with the pilgrimage custodian and all that are bound to pilgrimage on location by love, we ask for fundamental trust again this year.

Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner
Episcopal Administrator