Augenblicke der Besinnung

Allmächtiger, ewiger Gott,
durch eine einzigartige Gnade
hast du den heiligen Priester  Padre Pio gewürdigt,
am Kreuzesleiden deines Sohnes teilzuhaben
und durch seinen Dienst
deine Barmherzigkeit auf wunderbare Weise zu erneuern.
Gewähre uns auf seine Fürsprache,
stets vereint mit den Leiden Christi,
freudig zur Herrlichkeit der Auferstehung zu gelangen

Foreword Bishop of Passau

„Fundamental trust“

„You can count on that!“: People who talk like this show that they emphasize the security and the reliability of a statement in everyday life. In saying things in such a way, they show their conversation partner that something will happen for sure. Safety, reliability, certainty: These are categories that are necessary for life! Without them, life is turned upside down. The human sciences know of the great importance of reliability in the development of a child: It enables the child to develop the fundamental trust that becomes a supporting basis throughout its entire life. This „Fundamental trust“ is the main topic of the Pilgrimage and Cultural Calendar 2011. Not without reason – in the truest sense of word! Because lived faith gives us trusting confidence and serenity towards everything that scares us, makes us insecure and threatens to pull the ground away under our feet!

Since at least the 15th Century, the pilgrimage to Our Lady of Altötting has filled countless believers, young and old, sick and healthy with the deep trust that life is held and carried in all situations, as difficult and hopeless they may seem.

This „fundamental trust“ does not come from nothing! It is a gift that we receive from the very beginning of our lives – and therefore are also called to give it to the people entrusted to us. I specifically ask all parents to model this reliability and safety for their children! It is also a gift that we may ask God for, especially for the intercession of Our Lady of Altötting, who modelled this „fundamental trust“ to her son, Jesus Christ: trusting God!

The Prophet Jeremiah talks about the trust in God giving a very impressive picture, when he writes:
„Blessed be the man that relies on the Lord and whose hope is the Lord. He is like a tree that is planted by the water and spreads his roots along the riverside: He has nothing to fear when the temperature rises; his leaves stay green; he has no worries even in a dry year, and carries fruits unrelentingly.“ (Jer 17,7-8)
We want to pray and ask for this firm trust. Let us trust the mother of God, Mary! May God strengthen our trust in Him with the intercession of Our Lady of Altötting! May his blessing be with you this coming year!
Wilhelm Schraml
Bishop of Passau