Augenblicke der Besinnung

Allmächtiger, ewiger Gott,
durch eine einzigartige Gnade
hast du den heiligen Priester  Padre Pio gewürdigt,
am Kreuzesleiden deines Sohnes teilzuhaben
und durch seinen Dienst
deine Barmherzigkeit auf wunderbare Weise zu erneuern.
Gewähre uns auf seine Fürsprache,
stets vereint mit den Leiden Christi,
freudig zur Herrlichkeit der Auferstehung zu gelangen

Foreword Director of pilgrimage

Dear pilgrims!

„Fundamental trust „ – the motto of the pilgrimage is an inviting call to all our pilgrims.
They come, because they have fundamental trust. Their trust is well founded and mercifully given. It is always touching when they enter the familiar and trust inspiring pilgrim’s place singing and praying. For many, the sanctuary of Our Lady is like an island of trust. „The faithful trust of the people in the intercession and help of Mary characterizes this pilgrimage to the mother of God until this day.“ (Pope Benedict XVI.)
Trust is the lifeline of pilgrimage.
„ The faith and trust that help, comfort and mercy can be hoped for at a blessed place, this call is the soul, the heart and power of a pilgrim’s place.“ (R. Bauer)
The lyrics of the Altötting pilgrim’s song are:
„ Ganz voll Vertrauen kommen wir in der Gefahren Mitte,
   zu dir, Maria rufen wir,…
   bewahre unsere Schritte.“
(„Full of trust we come in the heart of danger,
to you Mary, we call,…
watch over our steps.“)
The reason why people come to the pilgrim’s place is the longing of people for motherliness, protection and security.
Already the first miracle of 1489 is carried by the words „ Great trust “:
In belief and trust, the mother carries her three-year-old child to the mother of God in the Holy Chapel and lays it on the alter. She falls down on her knees and asks for the life of the dead child.
On Saturday evening, May 7th, 2011 our Bavarian (arch-) bishops will renew the consecration of the seven Bavarian dioceses to the mother of God, Mary on the Chapel square.
Pope Benedict XV. introduced the festival of the patron of Bavaria on May 1st, 1917.
The bishops want to prepare the 100-year existence of the festival Patrona Bavariae in the year 2017 with a joint celebration.
A warm welcome to this hour of great trust.
„ Christ, my hope…I trust in you and I am not afraid “.


Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner
Director of pilgrimage and administrator of the holy chapel