Augenblicke der Besinnung

Maria hat uns mütterliche Wärme gegeben.
Sie umgibt uns inmitten von Schwierigkeiten.
Diese mütterliche Wärme,
die nichts und niemandem erlaubt,
in der Kirche die Revolution der Zärtlichkeit auszulöschen,
ist von ihrem Sohn eröffnet worden

Papst Franziskus

Heart of Jesus Church of Worship


The Sacred Heart Church of Worship
Provincial House Heilig Kreuz

Kreszentiaheimstr. 43, approx. 7 minutes (by foot) from the Chapel of Mercy
The relief of the high altar, an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with four worshipping angels, was created by sculptor Franz Hoser from Munich. The ornaments with further four worshipping angels were made by the sculptor Bauer, Munich.
The Sacred Heart Church was built 1915/16 by architect Prof. Michael Kurz, Augsburg. On May 17th, 1916 the church was consecrated by Excellency Bishop Sigismund Felix v. Ow-Felldorf, Passau. The church was built in art noveau style that strived for the „unity of art and life“ around the turn of the century. The linear plant-like shapes, wavy figures, and symbols in colour and shape are characteristic for this style.
The side altar "Patrona Bavariae" is the first altar that was sanctified in honour of the patron of Bavaria after the initiation of this celebration on May 6th, 1917.
The side altar "St. Joseph, protective patron of the church" is an indication that the mission is a task of the province Altötting.
Small medallions underneath the altar reliefs show motifs from the Old Testament: "Abraham sacrifices his son Isaac" and "Noah’s Ark".
The fresco ceiling paintings, 6 medallions by Theodor Baierl, Munich, between the round arches above the church windows shows Franciscan Saints. They are reminiscent of the Franciscan spirituality of the sisters of the  Holy Cross. Right: St. Paschalis Baylon with the monstrance, St. Francis and St. Antonius of Padua. St. Paschalis is the patron of the Eucharistic brotherhoods. The church was consecrated on his day of celebration, May 17th. Left:  Blessed Kreszentia of Kaufbeuren, St. Elisabeth and St. Klara with monstrance. The image of the blessed Kreszentia can be regarded as thank you to the donator of the seat of the missionary society, Kreszentia Löffler.

Left side altar "Patrona Bavariae"
Princess Amulf of Wittelsbach-Liechtenstein with her fallen son and a craftsmen family in need ask for the help of the mother of God.
Right side altar "St. Joseph, patron of the church"
St. Peter offers the St. Peter’s Basilica to St. Joseph as a symbol of the church. St. Franz Xaver, "Apostle of India", baptises a woman. A sister of the Holy Cross teaches a child.
Opening hours:
07.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (eucharistic worship)

Approx. 80 - 100 persons