22. January 2017
Augenblicke der Besinnung

Könnte das Menschenherz
alle in der heiligen Kommunion
eingeschlossenen Reichtümer ausschöpfen,
so benötigte es nichts weiter,
um glücklich und zufrieden zu sein.
Der Geizige liefe nicht mehr dem Gelde nach,
und den Ehrgeizigen triebe es nicht mehr nach äußeren Ehren.
Jeder würde gerne die Erde verlassen,
den Staub von seinen Schuhen schütteln
und dem Himmel entgegeneilen.

Johannes Maria Vianney - Pfarrer von Ars

House Pope Benedict XVI.


Welcome, please come in!

Dear pilgrims, dear sisters and brothers,
I welcome you warmly to the "House Pope Benedict XVI. – New treasury and pilgrimage museum". Why do people go on pilgrimages? What comfort do they gain at the great places of pilgrimage of Christianity? What do they want to express with their gifts – whether infinitely valuable or a simple gesture of thankfulness? Eloquent answers and witnesses are given by our exhibits. Through them we learn of the story of faith of our ancestors. Like them, we may trust: "he who believes is never alone." (Pope Benedict XVI.).
You also came to Our Dear lady in Altötting as a pilgrim: I invite you to look at the way of faith in our  "New treasury" once more – combined with prayer in the chapel and the adoration of the Holy of Holies in the Old Treasure Chamber. You will see: The mother of God takes us by the hand and leads us to her son, Jesus Christ, who is the way, truth and life. He gives us a spiritual home. Pope  Benedict XVI. said on his pastoral visit on September 11th, 2006: "We are at home with the mother of the lord".
May you take home many blessings for yourself and your loved ones.

Your bishop Wilhelm Schraml