Augenblicke der Besinnung

Die Reinheit ist ein Geschenk des Himmels.
Man muss sie von Gott erbitten.
Wenn wir darum bitten,
werden wir sie erhalten.

Johannes Maria Vianney - Pfarrer von Ars

Papal decree

We know that Altötting is highly respected among many, but especially among believers in Bavaria. Altötting is regarded as the Heart of Bavaria. Numerous pilgrims make their way here to praise the Mother of God and to ask for mercy for body and soul from God. An ancient Holy Picture is kept here, that draws believers and ignites their faith. Here the people that come can receive spiritual mercy, under the blessed help of the Capuchins, including the Holy brother Konrad of Parzham, that wonderful model from the Franciscan family that is dear to our heart as well.

Quite frequently, our heart remembers our first pilgrimage, when we came to this Holy Place together with our beloved father and experienced signs of faith. Since that time we have often brought our prayers to the Mother of God, most recently also together with our brother. She not only guides our steps, but those of Christianity with her motherly care, as she guides the way in the dark and stormy ocean of history like a star  (cf. Spe salvi, 49).

As this sanctuary was emphasized in an especially adequate manner, it is our wish also that nothing is left undone to decorate and honour this place. This is why give this rose made of gold with great inner contribution with the power of this certificate. It shall be kept here from now on as a sign and visible witness to our special appreciation, with which we wish to increase the reputation of this sanctuary. The rose will be handed over by our honoured brother, the arch bishop of Cologne, Joachim Cardinal Meisner on the coming day of the Assumption of Mary to certify his and our faithful adoration of the Virgin Mary. Our venerable Brother Wilhelm Schraml, Bishop of Passau, will receive the Golden Rose with gratefulness and joy. What we have asked of God, the Father of Mercy in the ceremony of the blessing of the rose, we ask now again, that he may give it to all people of goodwill.

Form the Vatican, under the fisher ring, on July 1st, 2008, in the fourth year of Our Pontificate.
Benedict XVI. Pope