Augenblicke der Besinnung

Wenn wir nach Empfang des Sakraments
die Liebe Gottes in uns schwinden fühlen,
lasst uns geistigerweise
mit dem lebenspendenden Leib des Heilands
uns wieder vereinen!
Können wir nicht in die Kirche kommen,
so wenden wir uns dem Tabernakel zu.
Der liebe Gott kennt keine Mauer,
die ihn hindern könnte.
Eine von Liebe durchdrungene Seele
entschädigt sich,
indem sie voll heißer Sehnsucht
immer aufs neue sich mit ihm vereinigt

Johannes Maria Vianney - Pfarrer von Ars

Visits of Cardinal Ratzinger in Altötting

The joy about the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as pope Benedict XVI. on the chair of Peter  is especially great in the Bavarian place of pilgrimage to Mary Altötting. The solidarity to the religious heart of Bavaria was planted in his heart already by his parents and he kept it there. He came here often, to pray in the Holy Chapel and visit relatives, as a student, professor of theology, arch bishop of Munich and Freising and as curia cardinal. Many of these visits have remained unforgotten to the people of Altötting. For example the visit in November of 1980, as he welcomed the Holy Father Pope Johannes Paul II. in Altötting, so to say at one of the most favourite places of his Bavarian home, and had the honour of accompanying him into the Holy chapel and to the image of Our Dear Lady.


Or in the year 1989, as he initiated the 500th anniversary year of the pilgrimage to Our Dear Lady on January 15th with a festive service in the Basilica. Or in 1999, as he accepted an invitation of the Marian men’s congregation for their 400th anniversary celebrations to the great joy of the people of Altötting and the MC soldiers.



Or at Whitsun 2001, when he celebrated the service in the basilica with 8000 pilgrims of the Regensburg pilgrimage and also said thank you to Mother Mary for 50 years of priesthood at this occasion. These memories are joined with memories of sermons he gave here and that can be counted among the great moments of exegesis. Of course the thoughts are not only focussed on past visits, but hope are lain on future cities. Whether one has to plead our new Holy Father, who has so often already expressed his solidarity with Altötting to follow a path of pilgrimage here as  a pope? pb  







On 1989 the cardinal is recorded in the Golden Book of the city of Altötting. On the right former bishop Eder.

On November 19th, 1980, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger accompanied Johannes Paul II. into the Holy Chapel of Altötting.

In 1999 cardinal Ratzinger celebrated the 400th year anniversary with the sodalists of the men’s congregation of Altötting. A conversation with P. Kosmas Wührer.

Approval of the life creation of the sodalists of the Marian men’s congregation.

Joy about the "Honorary pilgrim’s pole", that the praesus of the MC had given the cardinal as a thank you for his coming.